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DRG Tumourmarker

Continuing the successful story of DRG tumor marker assays

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DRG developed Tumormarker (TM) assays several years ago to offer excellent tools to diagnostic routine and research laboratories. The first group of TM Elisas utilised the original Gold Standard antibodies of Centocor (FDI), like CA 125, CA 15-5, CA 19-9, CA 72-4 and CYFRA 21-1.

For many years DRG has built this product line of kits with assays for the determination of NSE, TPS/TPA, PSA, CEA, Chromogranin A, UBC and many more. In 2011 they launched a new generation of TM assays: TM-CA 125, TM-CA 15-3, TM-CA 19-9, TM-CA 72-4 and TM-CYFRA 21-1, which offer an excellent correlation to other kits that are commonly used in the market.

Additionally, DRG is working in close cooperation with well-known research institutes to develop new helpful tools in tumor diagnosis and monitoring.

DRG Tumourmarkers
DRG Tumourmarkers
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