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Dynex DSX® 4-Plate ELISA Processing System

Modular | Flexible | Reliable | A Perfect Combination.

The Dynex DSX® 4-Plate ELISA Processing System is a fully-automated, 4-plate processing system that is capable of performing multiple assays per plate.

The DSX’s modular design provides flexible configuration and was developed with ease-of-use in mind. The Dynex DSX® incorporates many features that ensure the quality and security of results and has the performance to handle a wide variety of assays. Simply put, the Dynex DSX® offers flexible and reliable sample-in/result-out processing for true walkaway automation.

The Dynex DSX® is simplicity at its best. Installation, programming, assay set-up and daily maintenance are all designed to keep you focused on your results, not on the instrument.

Revelation® data analysis software offers a graphical user interface with intuitive Windows®-based operation.
The following advanced features facilitate assay performance:

  • Data Reduction Wizard simplifies the programming of even the most complex assay configurations and calculations.
  • Online Help available to assist with assay set-up and programming.
  • Revelation Software offers powerful QC equations that monitor daily assays and incorporates Levey-Jennings statistical analysis as part of the on board comprehensive QC monitoring of assay performance.
  • LIMS Interface. The LIS-Link application is an optional software package that can be installed on the DSX PC. The LIS-Link application allows the DSX to communicate with the laboratory host computer to download pending test orders and to upload completed assay results.
  • Learned Error Recovery. To support walkaway automation, the DSX can be trained to perform appropriate error recovery actions if an error condition is detected.
  • Cover Lock. The dark cover locks automatically when the DSX begins to run, protecting reagents from room light and protecting both samples and reagents from interference.
  • Sample Identification. An on-board barcode reader tracks samples and plates in process.
  • Pipette Security. Fluid level sensing, tip detection, tip-ejection and clot detection functions protect assays as well as the DSX robotic pipette.
  • Worklist Load Wizard walks you through the process of setting up the DSX worklist, graphically showing where to place reagents, samples and plates at the beginning of each run

Dynex Technologies Inc is a leading manufacturer of microplate instrumentation, seamlessly integrating advanced detection with fully automated sample handling, consumables and accessories. As of 2014, over 3,000 DSX® systems and 3,000 DS2® systems are in use worldwide in numerous applications including clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, biomedical research and industrial operations, among others. Dynex Technologies Inc has a proven track record of high quality products and excellent service and support, which is extended to the UK through Aspect Scientific.

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