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Andy Ashmore, our Senior Service Engineer, talks about his role at Aspect Scientific.

Andy Ashmore

How long have you worked at Aspect and what’s involved with your day-to-day role?

I joined Aspect Scientific 11 months ago.

What’s involved with your day-to-day role?

Service Centre based repairs, recalibrations, reconditioning of diagnostic equipment and support with equipment installations

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy working in a team, engineering challenges, satisfaction of restoring a damaged, unusable medical instrument to a full reconditioned and immaculate instrument, which has the added bonus that this diagnostic equipment is greatly helping to find the cause of illness.

Tell us about any changes within the company that affect your role?

I originally started in The Old Stables, a small and quite cluttered workshop, with the completion of the new Service Centre this has given us a much larger and more organized space which is fully air conditioned and is a joy to work in.

Do you feel the company’s services / products and your role have an impact on healthcare, why and how does this make you feel?

Working at Aspect I do believe that the top level of service we provide greatly benefits the medical industry, in the short time I have worked here, we as a team in the Service Centre have reconditioned a number analysers, which are already in use and are performing greatly to provide analytical results in medical, food industry and veterinary laboratories.

Knowing that we are helping to keep health professionals operating and providing the equipment for the industry to continue with their testing and diagnostic’s makes me feel happy in the knowledge that I am contributing to the larger goal of finding the cause of illnesses, for screening and helping people feel well again.


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