Dynex DSX® 4-Plate ELISA Processing System


Modular | Flexible | Reliable | A Perfect Combination.

The Dynex DSX® 4-Plate ELISA Processing System is a fully-automated, 4-plate processing system that is capable of performing multiple assays per plate.

The DSX’s modular design provides flexible configuration and was developed with ease-of-use in mind. The Dynex DSX® incorporates many features that ensure the quality and security of results and has the performance to handle a wide variety of assays. Simply put, the Dynex DSX® offers flexible and reliable sample-in/result-out processing for true walkaway automation.


The Dynex DSX® is simplicity at its best. Installation, programming, assay set-up and daily maintenance are all designed to keep you focused on your results, not on the instrument.


Dynex Technologies Inc. is a leading manufacturer of microplate instrumentation, seamlessly integrating advanced detection with fully automated sample handling, consumables and accessories.As of 2014, over 3,000 DSX® systems and 3,000 DS2® systems are in use worldwide in numerous applications including clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, biomedical research and industrial operations, among others. Dynex Technologies Inc. has a proven track record of high quality products and excellent service and support, which is extended to the UK through Aspect Scientific.

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