Dynex DS2 Advanced Plus Training Course

Course description

To be taken alongside the initial on site new user training following instrument installation, although can also be ideal for longer term users who now have the need program assays on the instrument.
The course is designed as an interactive and customer-focused class with a maximum of 4 participants, and consists of hands-on use, troubleshooting with the instrument and learning how to use the software to program and run assays.

Who should attend

This course is for Biomedical Scientists, Associate Practitioners or Research Scientists who have previously used the DS2 instrument. This is a higher advanced user’s course which is tailored to staff that would use the instrument on a regular basis, troubleshoot issues and develop / program their own assays, either for in house or commercial ELISA assays.

Download our Dynex DS2 Advanced Plus training course flyer for further information.

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