Supply of Loan POC Equipment

Do you require a team to manage and provide loan services for your Point-of-Care (POC) instruments?

Allowing rapid and reliable provision of loan systems to cater for any event or short term requirement?

We offer bespoke services to take the strain and workload out of maintaining and supplying loan instruments for training events, customer demonstrations, customer evaluations and other loan purposes – while ensuring complete maintenance of your loan equipment.

Our Service Centre can manage all instrument maintenance operations, such as routine servicing, hardware and software updates and quality control to ensure your stock of loan equipment is always ready to go. On demand we can supply a piece of equipment to your customer anywhere in the UK and then collect again once the period of loan or use is over. This ensures your loan equipment is where you need it and when you need it with complete piece of mind that the equipment will be serviceable and presented well to your customer.

POC Equipment

After use the equipment is collected and returned to our Service Centre where it will undergo a standardised and jointly defined inspection and Quality Control process to ensure it can be repackaged and reused for the next loan requirement.

Loan equipment is securely stored and tracked using our stock control system, ensuring availability of loan systems as and when required.

Aspect Scientific can provide loan equipment services to your customers in the background, on your behalf, so that you don’t have to – saving you time, money, space and facilities to manage in house.

Contact us today if we can help you with the supply of loan POC equipment.

Supply of Loan POC Equipment

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