Software / Hardware Updates

Instrument / analyser / Point of Care device updates are often a necessary feature, whether they are to implement the latest software features to enhance the user interface, add the latest calibration or QC settings or to improve, optimise or correct the hardware. Software updates can often be very simple and just require management of the process with equipment end users, however, some can be more complex and require a Field Service Engineer to carry out a more technical procedure or even include hardware upgrades / updates to be carried out at the same time.

Even simple software updates aimed at the customer being able to complete can cause the customer/end user an excessive amount of time to complete. There is also the risk that an update has not been completed fully or correctly and this may have a serious effect on the results being produced by the instrument. Software updates can be difficult to implement on the device if the device is mobile, can also be released on an irregular basis and the staff using the instrumentation can change very often, therefore creating a situation that many customers may have not encountered previously.

Hardware upgrades released by the manufacturer, will necessitate approved service personnel to perform the fitting or replacement of hardware and subsequent adjustments.

Aspect Scientific can fully manage your software / hardware update requirements for your instrumentation, whether this be coordinating routine software updates which the customer carries out or more involved updates which require a trained Service Engineer to visit the customer site to complete.

Software and hardware updates
Software and hardware updates

Our team of Field Service Engineers cover the whole of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, ensuring that time-critical updates can be carried out effectively wherever your customers are.

We can coordinate the update with the customer; from talking them through a simple update procedure via live telephone support, to arranging onsite visits to perform the upgrade in person for more complex processes, removing the time pressures, stress and hassle for the customer. All carried out by trained technical staff directed by clear procedures and generating an update report to document process for each instrument updated.

If you are interested in engaging Aspect Scientific to manage and provide this service to your customers please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Please download our Aspect Scientific Third Party Service Flyer below for more information on our range of technical services.

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