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DRG Pre-eclampsia - PLGF ELISA

A new marker for Pre-eclampsia

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In 5-8 percent of all pregnancies, pre-eclampsia causes an increase in the mother’s blood pressure, excretion of protein, and edemas – in the majority of cases, this occurs in the last trimester of pregnancy.

These clinical conditions, together termed pre-eclampsia, are a risk for mother and child which can make it necessary to induce premature birth.

Studies about pre-eclampsia have shown that important growth factors are affected. This causes malnutrition of placenta and fetus.

The PLGF ELISA allows the early detection (15th week of pregnancy) of the development of risk factors of pre-eclampsia and is therefore an important new tool in the health protection of mother and child.

Incubation time: 2.5 hours
Standard range: 0-1000 pg/mL
Sample: 25 µL Serum
Sensitivity: 1.06 pg/mL
Ready to use reagents

Internal kit controls Assay Characteristics:
CV Intra Assay 2.88 – 5.68 %
CV Inter Assay 4.10 – 7.00 %
Recovery 87.0 – 105.5 %
Linearity 88.1 – 112.6 %

DRG Preeclampsia - PLGF ELISA
DRG Pre-eclampsia - PLGF ELISA

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