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Dynex Agility® 12-plate ELISA processing system

The DYNEX Agility® utilizes the versatility of ELISA’s core technology in a new powerful, fully automated platform, for true ELISA optimization, providing continuous sample loading, high capacity and true high throughput.

State-of-the-art robotic processing delivers unparalleled precision while eliminating nearly all manual steps, so the Agility® is efficient and reliable – freeing you and your staff to be as productive as possible.

Dynex Agility

Dynex DS2® 2-plate ELISA processing system

The Dynex DS2® is a fully automated ELISA Processor with the same full walkaway capability as our larger systems, yet with an ingenious space saving design that incorporates extensive functionality in a minimal footprint.

The DS2 is the most widely used ELISA processor on the market, capable of quickly and easily processing two 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously.


Dynex DSX® 4-plate ELISA processing system

The Dynex DSX® is a fully-automated, 4-plate processing system that is capable of performing multiple assays per plate.

The modular and heavy duty design provides flexible configuration and capability to handle high workloads easily.

The DSX incorporates powerful software with many features that ensure the quality of results and the flexibility to handle a wide variety of assays.

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Aspect Scientific work with many ELISA kit manufacturers and UK distributors to provide open-platform automation when and where required. We offer a complete turn-key service designed to allow you to easily provide full automation of your ELISA products to your customers, in turn helping to grow existing business and develop new opportunities, while making the day to day use of the kits easier, more efficient and more reliable for the customer.

Aspect Scientific are experts in ELISA automation systems, with a proven track record of implementing and supporting systems used in all disciplines where ELISA is used, including clinical microbiology, immunology, specialist biochemistry, toxicology, veterinary diagnostics, food industry testing, drug discovery, biomedical research, ELISA kit R&D and industrial operations, among others.

An ELISA Automation partnership with us provides you with an enhanced ELISA solution to offer your customers and an extremely cost effective, efficient and high quality equipment supply, technical support and service process you can rely on. This allows your team to focus on your range of ELISA kits, with us providing and supporting the equipment in every respect.

Aspect Scientific work closely alongside your team to provide a comprehensive turn-key solution, including the following:

  • Creating assay protocols for the full range of automated
    systems – DS2, DSX and Agility
  • Analysis of customer workload, including workflow / testing schedules and test volumes to determine the appropriate
    solution – DS2 / DSX / Agility or a combination
  • Support to fully explore the benefits, features and process improvements by implementing automation of your ELISA kits
  • Site survey and implementation planning
  • Installation of the equipment
  • User training
  • Support with lab validation of new assays and protocol development
  • Supply of instrument consumables, such as pipette tips

All included within the purchase price of the equipment!
Followed by ongoing technical support, servicing and guaranteed equipment up-time, through our comprehensive service cover.

Aspect Scientific
Aspect Scientific
Aspect Scientific

About Aspect Scientific

Aspect Scientific specialise in ELISA Automation Systems and offer a range of instrumentation capable of automating any ELISA assay and solutions to cover any level of workload.

Combining flexible and open systems with our comprehensive technical service and support to automate your microplate assays, which in turn allows you to implement standardised, accurate and faster testing processes within your laboratory and remove manual steps.

Almost any assay, from any kit manufacturer or even in-house developed specialist assays, can all be automated with flexible, open, precise, convenient and reliable instrumentation coupled with our expert Technical Support, Service and Training.

Aspect Scientific are certified as a manufacturer authorised and trained technical service provider for Dynex Technologies ELISA Automation Systems. This allows us to deliver the quality of technical service and support that the equipment manufacturer recommends and guarantees that all work is carried out using manufacturer procedures, by manufacturer trained service personnel and using only genuine Dynex spare parts, test and calibration equipment.

Complete peace of mind that your critical analyser is maintained by the experts to ensure complete reliability and accurate results.

Our ELISA Partners

Dynex logo

With over 8,500 instrument installations worldwide, DYNEX® Technologies offers a range of throughput solutions to support laboratories of all sizes and specialties. Be assured that the DYNEX family of U.S. manufactured, ISO certified instruments will remain a steady and reliable component to achieving optimal laboratory proficiency.


A family-run business and one of Germany’s leading biotechnology companies. Consumer’s and patient’s health is of the highest value.

Reliable analysis creates certainty, improves every day life for many people and contributes to health, safe nutrition and better quality of life – sometimes without them being directly aware of it. As an internationally recognised top biotechnology provider, R-Biopharm stand for the development of excellent technologies, products and solutions in the areas of Clinical Diagnostics, Food & Feed Analysis, and Nutrition Care.


For over 10 years BIOHIT Healthcare has supplied diagnostic tests, health products and services to improve the care of digestive diseases and ease patient management, both in the UK and worldwide.

BIOHIT manufacture and supply diagnostic tests that are used routinely in clinical laboratories, endoscopy units and practice clinics as well as in academic and clinical research settings.


Glenbio offer a unique and wide range of high quality diagnostics reagents across the full spectrum of cardiac, diabetes, lipid, inflammatory markers, DoA, hepatic, sepsis (PCT), metabolic, Protein and renal diagnosis. Glenbio also offers an extensive range of Veterinary specific reagents and instrumentation.

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Diagnostica Stago, the worldwide leader in the field of Haemostasis is setting the standard of excellence, with cutting-edge technologies, products and customer service. Stago provide a range of ELISA based tests for specialist coagulation applications.


Our mission is to provide powerful tools that translate what’s happening in the patients’ bodies into a readable and interpretable language. This language makes it easier to understand, diagnose and treat chronic and metabolic diseases.

Sebia’s Free Light Chain ELISA assays are used as an aid in the diagnosis and monitoring patients with Multiple Myeloma. There are two types of immunoglobulin light chain produced in humans, designated kappa (κ) and lambda (λ). The ratio FLC value (kappa FLC/lambda FLC) compared to reference ranges may indicate presence of plasma cell disorders disease like Multiple Myeloma or AL amyloidosis in a patient.

Una Health

Una Health Ltd is a leading UK distributor of diagnostics for the laboratory and point of care. Founded in 2009, we supply specialist, innovative and appropriate healthcare solutions, backed by a team with exceptional levels of experience, knowledge and support.

As part of our extensive portfolio, we deliver a comprehensive range of ELISA solutions for Enterics, Infectious Diseases, Immunology and Biochemistry Assays.

Contact us today to find out more and speak to one of our experts about how we can provide a technical service solution for you.

Contact us today to find out more and speak to one of our experts about how we can provide a technical service solution for you.