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Dynex DynaRead Microplate Reader

Key benefits of the Dynex DynaRead Microplate Reader:

  • Absorbance reading and data analysis of 96-well microplates for ELISA
  • Linear shaking function, with adjustable speed and amplitude
  • Reader control and results data analysis with connected computer system
  • Compatible with well-established and widely used Dynex Revelation software
  • Fully comprehensive service and support available
  • Accommodates up to 8 optical filters (4 filters included)
  • Wide dynamic range of 0.000 – 4.000 OD
  • Long-life, reliable and stable LED light source
  • End-point and kinetic read methods
  • High-speed 12-channel reading
  • Wavelength range 405 – 790 nm
  • CE IVD marked

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