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Dynex Opsys MW™ Microplate Washer

The Dynex Opsys MW Microplate Washer is an economical, full-featured 96-well microplate strip washer.

Dynex Opsys MW Microplate Washer is an excellent choice for many laboratories because of its simplicity, ease-of-use, flexible and intuitive protocol definition, and options for 12-way (row) or 8-way (column) microplate washing for full plates or strips.


  • Provides a surprising amount of flexibility for its size and price
  • User-definable plate types and wash protocols provide significant versatility.
  • Wash whole or partial plates by row or column with interchangeable 8-way and 12-way wash heads.
  • Combine prime, dispense, soak and aspirate steps in any order, defining the duration and repetition of each protocol step. Soak times can range from 1 to 999 seconds.
  • Define, name, save and password-protect up to 10 microplate definitions.
  • Define, name, save, copy and password protect up to 40 wash protocols.
  • Control how vigorously the Dynex Opsys MW Microplate Washer cleans the bottom of each well by choosing the precise wash head height you need


The Dynex Opsys MW Microplate Washer provides consistent results with low well-to-well variation. Sweep mode aspiration provides minimal residual volume on flat bottom microplates. The Opsys MW is designed as a heavy duty and robust system, for heavy and daily demanding use


Simple to Service

  • Dispense precision of 5% CV for 96 wells, using 300µL of distilled water.
  • Sweep mode aspiration provides a “sweeping” wash head movement during aspiration to achieve reproducibly low residual volumes.
  • Low residual aspirate volumes of <1µL for U, V, and C bottom microplates; and <5µL for flat bottom plates (with sweep mode).
  • On-board self-diagnostic routines automatically assure that the Dynex Opsys MW Microplate Washer is functioning properly each time it is turned on.

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