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This month we are speaking to Lizzie Ennis, our Technical Support Specialist.

How long have you worked at Aspect and what’s involved with your day-to-day role?
“I have been working in my role as technical support specialist and health and safety representative for around 8 months now. Each day is varied and usually made up of taking support calls from customers and our partners, troubleshooting issues over the phone, writing assays for diagnostic equipment but also maintaining all the calibrated equipment needed for our team of engineers. I also contribute to risk assessments needed for our engineers to work safely.”


What do you enjoy most about your job?
“We have a great team here at Aspect Scientific who are great to work with. I really enjoy speaking to all the different customers and the variety of issues that we get through. I also enjoy the medical aspects, from sample storage and preparation to result interpretation and the different technologies used to analyse samples.”


What do you find most challenging?
“As much as I enjoy providing technical support to our customers and clients, there are some cases which are more difficult than others and maintaining professional communication and continued support is essential to providing a good service, however challenging the circumstances or technical issues may be.”


Do you feel the company’s services/products and your role have a positive impact on healthcare, why and how does this make you feel?
“I love the fact that our company provides services and support to so many NHS and private diagnostics laboratories nationwide, the backbone of our healthcare system in this country, and without which, would be a very sorry state. The labs and the staff that work tirelessly, now more than ever, to provide sample results which direct patients’ care and treatment. Being able to support them with issues big and small is a great feeling and makes me happy to do my job.”

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